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letterfromhell's Journal

"The criminal does not make beauty; he himself is the authentic beauty."

Letter from Hell
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This community is dedicated to the discussion of the film, From Hell - although anything related to the Ripper murders is more than welcome. You may post anything relevant to the film, your own Ripper theories, any literature that you may have read on the subject; anything related to the Whitechapel murders. However, I must lay down a few ground rules:

1. We all know that Johnny Depp plays the lead role in this film, and do not need reminding. Therefore, do not post statements such as "~LyK oMg, JoHnNy DePp Is A bAbE!!!!!1!!!!!2!!!!!1!!~" (Furthermore, do not type as I have just demonstrated.) I do expect some level of intellect here.

2. This is not a rating community. If you wish to post pictures of Ripper suspects and victims, etc., feel free to do so; I merely ask that you do not post pictures of yourself slathered in black eyeliner and gazing torturously at the camera. You will be banned (not to mention laughed at profusely).

3. Please refrain from joining if you are little more than a Hot Topic-obsessed thirteen year-old who makes statements such as "OMG, I loooooooove Charles Manson; I want to kill just like him!!!!", or publicly declares their love of Ted Bundy. Discussion of serial killers is more than welcome here, but keep it intelligent.

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In the words of Jack - "Kisses!" - and happy posting.

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