Sibilant Macabre (morgue_by_night) wrote in letterfromhell,
Sibilant Macabre

Cue the resounding 'WTF'.

Oh, dear; it's that stupid mod, with more of that costume rot!

Just thought I'd share this gem with you all (and hopefully inspire more posting.):

I believe the post title says it all. And I implore you all, save this community from wretched posts such as this!
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That is by far the most atrocious Jack the Ripper costume I have ever seen. So bloody horrible.
Were you here when the Ripper Muppets toy was posted?
I seen it... That was even worse. O_o
I apologize profusely for posting that. But hey.. It was good for a chuckle!

... Okay. Still sorry. XD
It's My Chemical Romance meets Scrooge's outfit in The Muppets Christmas Carol!

... Oh my.
Ha, you're right, with the hair and make-up!
Glad to be of service.
Come to look at it more, it almost looks like a pirate's coat. O_o
Well, now; I suppose you have a point...